Don’t forget your what?? Dating back to the early part of the millennium, this website came about as a way for me to share photos with a group of friends of our Land Rover and offroading exploits in the days before social media existed.

Starting off in the early days with a slightly unmemorable noip dot com free domain (we’re a home hosted website) we adopted the current domain in 2003, which bares all the hallmarks of a domain dreamed up round a pub table on a Friday evening, mostly because it was!

Adding a forum and a proper gallery to allow others to upload photos at the same time it became a little community that is older than Facebook. Fast forward 19 years we mostly reside in Whatsapp and this site remains as a memory of some great times on the hills of Wales and many other places.

I have been playing with the server that runs this site and the gallery will hopefully return when time permits.
Phil – Site Admin.